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Two + a Moose

Rob gave me a camera as an early wedding present (he always gives me presents early cause he thinks that means he doesn't have to wrap them). I quickly fell in love with photography and knew I had a lifetime of learning and improving ahead of me. I jumped in head first, but the more I practiced the stronger the need for community felt. If I wasn't sharing with others and building a place to reflect on my journey as a photographer I wouldn't improve. So I started this blog.

love knitting
absolutely adore being married to Rob
have a dog named Moose
One of 3 sisters
Binge watch American and European crime dramas

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Kori Newman

My entire life I've had a passion for "all that creative stuff" but I chose to study and work in very analytical fields. I wanted a "real job" with stability and never imagined I could get to be creative too. I've never been happier to be wrong! These days I'm a full time designer working for one of the top IT departments in the country. I make my living designing better communications for the technologically inclined.