Two + a Moose

Two and a Moose is the best way for family, old friends, and new friends to keep up with the me through stories and photos. People like you who visit me here are my biggest source motivation when it comes to photography.

Kori Newman

I'm a full time designer and communicator working for one of the top IT departments in the country. I make my living designing better communications for IT. 

My entire life I've had a passion for "all that creative stuff" but I chose to study and work in very analytical fields. I wanted a "real job" and somehow I've been absorbing everything I possibly can about photography over the past two years and there's no chance of stopping me now.

love knitting
absolutely adore being married to Rob
have a dog named Moose
One of 3 sisters
Binge watch American and European crime dramas

follow social media
contact for photography inquiries


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