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I love taking photos of just about everything, everyone, and everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Rob wanted to go to Japan and I was ready for a long vacation but I fell in love the moment we landed. A huge amount of my everyday life has been inspired by things I learned in Japan.

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New zealand

I'm not sure I'll ever get to go to the land of the Kiwis again and that breaks my heart. The views were stunning, the people generous, funny and kind. This trip taught me to love adventure, hikes, sharing a home with strangers, and strange restaurants.

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our pets

Our house is full of love and fur. Not only do Rob and I have Moose the pup (who inspired this blog's name) but two kittens, Gandalf and Arya. They each have their own quirks and we love them every minute of the messy, loud, rambunctiousness.