Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve Post - featured image

Usually Rob and I pass out way before the ball drops but this New Year's Eve we had no such option. Friends asked us to play photographers at a wedding and a proposal in the same night. It seems we're a whole lot more popular since we got a nice camera! Our friends came up with lots of challenging photo ops to test my mad-newbie-skills (Rob the resident blog editor says "I had no part in this verbiage").

Rachel & Dustin's Wedding

Rachel and Dustin planned a sweet and simple backyard wedding. I knew only 20 or so guests were invited, so I felt like Rob and I made it into a super cool club when asked if we'd help with pictures. The thought of taking pictures of moving people at night terrified me, but I think the photos turned out pretty awesome!

Cameron's Proposal

I really believe the simplest most honest way of doing something is often the very best way. Proposals are no exception. They don't have to be dramatic and require hours of planning. There's so much pressure on a man to impress his soon to be fiancé, her family, her nosey Facebook friends and the 500 others she'll deliver her well polished proposal story to for months to come. Cameron kept it simple with sparklers, a dozen white roses and the ring. After testing our camera settings and playing with a couple of the sparklers we played board games (to avoid being super obvious) and hatched a plan to distract Shelby. Right before midnight he proposed and she of course said "Yes"!

New Years Eve fills me with excitement every year. It's a reason to get together with friends, celebrate new beginnings, make plans, reflect, and let go of all that has accumulated in the past 365 days. I love thinking back to plans I'd made last year and realizing how different my life is from what I'd imagined (sometimes just different, almost always for the better), and that so many people are thinking of ways to make the coming year better than the last. We move on so quickly. Rob and I are already making travel plans and finding ways to save money. So here's to the new year -- I hope it's better than you can imagine!