A Lot to be Thankful For

There are so many firsts in life and no matter how big or small each one brings it's own excitement and joy. Rob and I will have many, many firsts, but I can't help but feel overjoyed about our first holiday season together. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times. I love eating, decorating and shopping so it's pretty much a no brainer. Most of all I love that with Thanksgiving comes that holiday tingle that doesn't fade until after the new year. Thanksgiving reminds me there is so much more to be grateful for this time of year than sweaters, hot chocolate and twinkling lights. I am thankful for adventures with new family and friends. I'm thankful for old traditions and the chance to start new ones. I am thankful for old records and hot tea. I'm thankful for the chance to try again today, what I didn't conquer yesterday. I would never have imagined so much would change from one Thanksgiving to the next, but sometimes life is so much greater than we can imagine. So here's to all that will happen between now and next Thanksgiving. 

I'm not a fantastic morning person. While I try to prolong snuggling in the warm sheets, Rob goes around thwarting my attempts by changing the thermostat so our apartment is cozy, making tea, and putting something on the radio... "News or Blues?". At that point I really have no excuse to stay in bed. Warm apple cider and the promise of good food helped get me up and into the holiday spirit.

Beet juice on Rob's hands makes this picture a little creepy but it's my favorite one from Thanksgiving!

Beet juice on Rob's hands makes this picture a little creepy but it's my favorite one from Thanksgiving!

Rob amazes me with his culinary abilities (of which I have none). He was up early, chopping away while I avoided manual labor by playing paparazzi. He's one of those people who can whip up something delicious with no recipe. I'm very jealous.

We tried out a vegan sweet potato casserole recipe from Oh She Glows. It was a huge hit with my entire strictly non vegan, real butter loving family. The topping was mostly brown sugar... my kryptonite... I kept sneaking bites before it went in the oven.

My Grandma goes on a pie making frenzy at the holidays. I snagged all the leftover mini apple pies... a little bourbon burnt sugar ice cream... mmmmmmmmm!

I hope wherever you are and whoever you're with you can pause to appreciate the little moments of joy and wonder that are so much sweeter around this time of year.