A Day in Otaru

We asked around for day trip recommendations from Sapporo, and Otaru kept coming up again and again. Rob and I really love riding the trains in Japan (as I write this in Tokyo I could use a break). We knew there'd be Autumn colors, at least one temple, and great places to eat. What more could you really want? Rickshaw guys in super tight clothes? They had those too!

This may sound funny, but one of our favorite things to do on vacation is walk around town aimlessly. Sometimes we have a destination in mind, sometimes we find something fun to do along the way, but most often we meet people and see things we never would have thought to look for. I love getting away from the more touristy grind for a while and just being a part of every day life.

Sapporo Day 2-8108.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8111.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8119.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8179.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8158.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8198.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8153.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8189.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8204.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8231.jpg
Sapporo Day 2-8236.jpg


Next I'm sharing another day trip from Sapporo, and all the craziness that is Tokyo!

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