Osaka Aquarium

I, an adult woman, got lost in an aquarium and then cried. Jeez. That's super embarrassing. I got separated from Rob and our friends with no phone and my VERY limited Japanese language skills. Thinking I had fallen behind like usual, I sped through the jellyfish, giant crab, penguin, and stingray petting section. When I got to the gift shop, Rob wasn't there. Since I exited the turnstiles I couldn't get back in the exhibit area and just had to wait. Thirty minutes later (it felt like much longer since I had no phone) Rob walked out of the exhibit. I tried to stop, but there I stood crying, relieved while also very disappointed that I hadn't spend the last 30 minutes watching the jellyfish.

When things go wrong on vacation I tell Rob "well, it's an adventure", when he says it to me it's not nearly as cute.

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