An Adventure in Middle Earth - Rotorua

Rob and I pronounced it rO-tURa the entire time planning our trip. We relearned quickly, it's supposed to be rO-tOE-rUA. We learned this from Graham an Katherine while we rented a room from them in the lovely city of Rotorua. Our housemates made a fantastic breakfast every morning with cereal, fruit, homemade jam, and something (that completely disgusted Rob) known as Vegemite. We laughed about possums. Google a New Zealand possum then imagine you've seen an American opossum for the first time -- it's terrifying! They thought we were lying to them; that they couldn't look like that!

Rob and I mostly walked, and walked, and walked. We walked to the town square through a huge park full of Redwood trees and we walked to the Polynesian Spa on trails surrounded by bubbling pools.

The spa was natural hot spring fed pools overlooking a lake and mountains. The showers there had the best water pressure of any shower I've ever taken. Somehow I lost just my socks in the locker room there. We never did find them.

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