An Adventure in Middle Earth - Queenstown & Wanaka

Queenstown was our first stop on the South island. Everyone there has ridiculous jobs like throwing bungee jumpers off bridges or off-roading through rivers and forests while answering questions about the Lord of the Rings movies. I still have cravings for Ferg Burger, where we ate almost every meal. Seriously, four days in a row. They even had breakfast burgers! 

New Zealand was my idea, my bucket list big ticket item, because years ago I fell in love with a photo of a couple on Coromandel Peak. One morning in Queenstown, we woke up way too early. I drove on the left side for the first time on the narrow mountain roads while Rob was understandably terrified, all so we could stand on that same spot. We took a helicopter to the top of Mt. Roy, stopping off at Coromandel Peak, then hiked our way down the mountain through a sheep farm, past a winery, and around the lake back to town. That was the absolute best day of our vacation, and probably my favorite day of our marriage so far. 

We even accidentally found what I'd been calling the Wanaka Tree on our way back! I'm not making this up, this tree is famous. Google Wanaka Tree, I was there!

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