An Adventure in Middle Earth - Hobbiton

A while ago I realized my computer screen colors were way off, so I put a calibrator on my wish list and stuck a bunch of photos in a folder to edit later. I knew there were a few good photos that I hadn't gotten around to, but I didn't realize that almost all of our major trips from last year were waiting to be edited. Between A-Kon, Canada, and three-quarters of our New Zealand trip I have a lot to share. I'll start with New Zealand!

Day Trips

Our bus ride from Auckland to Rotorua stopped at the Waitomo glow worm caves (where photos were not allowed). The guide rowed small boats through the pitch black cave under twinkling lights that looked like constellations. It was very easy to forget there were worms all around me. I wonder how many fall on people every day there.

Next up, Hobbiton! Rob was absolutely the most excited about Hobbiton, but I had lower expectations and I was already bummed that I had to book a day trip instead of the hobbit feast dinner tour (vegan husbands can not eat hobbit food). I was very happily surprised when the sunshine, the bus ride out, the absolute joy in everyone's faces, everything about that trip was amazing. It was like a nerdy version of Disney Land, with sheep!

This is the second post of our trip to New Zealand. If you missed the first post, here it is! 

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New Zealand-1-2.jpg