Kyoto, Japan

The second major city we visited on our trip was Kyoto. It's traditional old world charm makes it a major tourist spot (great at times and not so great at others). 

I learned a few things in Kyoto:

  1. Do not harass the geishas! I didn't actually see any geishas but Rob saw a few. One of those times there was a big group of tourists gathered around the women taking photos and blocking their way. I felt horrible and embarrassed when he told me about it. Though I constantly tote my camera along when we travel, I still get really nervous taking photos in public, especially of people. I try to pretend like I'm taking photos of something else or take my photo really quickly before anyone notices. So I was mortified for those poor geishas and it made me even more apprehensive about taking photos in public.
  2. UNIQLO is awesome! It's like the GAP of Japan. I've started ordering my clothes from the US UNIQLO site and get some really great deals. One of my co-workers compliments my outfits pretty often at work (we just have the same taste) and she's started following up "Where did you get that?" with "In freakin Japan?!" automatically. I need a bigger shopping budget next time we go.
  3. None of the breakfast options seem very "Japanese". The only things open in the morning are French style bakeries, convenience stores, and tea/coffee houses where "sets" (eggs and toast usually) can be added on to your drink order. Pancakes are a popular lunch food but no one serves them for breakfast.
  4. Locals go crazy over cherry blossoms too, it's not just the tourists.
Kori NewmanComment