Mom got Married

My mom has always been very different than my friends' moms. She's young, impulsive, and stubborn. Over time, I've realized the same stubbornness that sometimes makes me so angry also helped her raise three girls on her own and get through a bachelors and masters degree. Her impulsiveness about major life decisions is really conscientiousness in disguise; she worries about little details and that makes her seem unsure. We all have lots of little quirks like these that help make us unique. My mom taught me that everyone, no matter their gender, race, religious beliefs or whatever else you can think of that makes us different deserves to be loved and treated with respect. When she told me her and her boyfriend John wanted their vacation in three weeks to be their honeymoon, I was much more excited than surprised. 

It's funny that we spend so much of our lives trying not to be like our parents only to realize one day we have a lot of things in common.

My sisters, mom, and I all have the exact same smile. Stubbornness definitely runs in my family -- Rob says there are a lot of "sassy women" on my side. Rob and I also married after knowing each other for less than a year and we had a simple, intimate ceremony, which is why I was all over a vintage-vibe backyard wedding at my mom's. I secretly love shopping, assembling things, and bossing people, plus I had drug out our wedding celebrations as long as possible before it all finally came to a bitter sweet close. I had a strong urge to do messy craft projects, style things for no reason and take lots of pictures. I even made myself abstain from Pinterest because my front page was filled with gorgeous boho beach wedding photos. How do I tell Pinterest "Thanks, but I'm already married!"?  I needed an outlet. It also helped that Mom just moved into a new house with a big back patio and pool that backs up to a golf course. The whole situation is what would-be-wedding-planner dreams are made of. 

Rob, my sisters, Grandma, and John's daughter Livie worked so hard hauling stuff from our house to Mom's, straightening up and making decorations. It's amazing what a few people and a HomeGoods trip can do; everything came together really well! See for yourself:

Those suitcases are filled with my Christmas decorations and winter clothes, yay for re-purposing!

John + Livie, 

Mom can be one of the most fun people I know. She'll probably deny this but when I was little we would buy a bunch of candy and sneak into movies all day until we were too tired to see anymore. She gets stressed and forgets to have fun sometimes, remind her. Be patient and make her laugh.  Our family is full of goofy, spontaneous, sometimes lazy, very opinionated people who love to call other people out. We do it out of love, and maybe boredom, but we try to spread it around for equality sake. Welcome to the family. I think you'll like it here.


I wish you a marriage filled with fun, laughter, sweet words and snuggling. Don't forget to assume the best of intensions. If John plans a surprise picnic for you, I promise to tell him what you actually like to eat and not just what I'm really craving, I learned my lesson. Remember all the fun days you had when my sisters and I were little, before we started rolling our eyes and practicing our sarcasm and do those things with Livie. Think of all the things you wish you'd done a little differently and do them that way now. I'm so happy for you and I love you!