DIY Reception Invitations

I've been cleaning up our apartment lately; taking back all the unused reception stuff, cleaning up craft projects, and returning things I borrowed. I didn't realized how much physical space we dedicated to it all until I started clearing everything out. It's like we got a new apartment! I have been getting much better about letting things go, using the D.A.R.E. motto and just saying no to things. I'm a sucker for pretty things. It doesn't matter how useful it actually is, but I'm learning to remind myself if we don't use it often, it just gets in the way. I did stick a big basket full of paper plates and bowls in the top of our closet. Rob gave me the evil eye, but nobody likes doing dishes.

Cleaning out my closest is easy-peasy, but the little things I put a lot of work and time into are harder to toss. I moved the stack of extra reception invites closer and closer to the trash can, but just could not do it. All those tiny little pieces I worked so hard on were going to disappear. Our wedding is actually, really over and I miss it. I memorialized the end of our wedding and reception by taking the invites on a field trip for photos. Thankfully, it was really muddy so Hardberger Park was pretty much abandoned. I'm not quite so comfortable with the whole photography in public thing yet. It's like knitting in public - I always feel slightly out of place and people silently judge me. Lame, I know, I'm working on it. 

The design team at work sits right across from me, with our computers back to back. Every Monday morning I would run over, excited to share all my pent-up weekend ideas about colors, graphics and fonts. Keith, the luckiest design team member, sits just a few feet away, all. day. long. got super into it. He even helped me mock-up stuff in Photoshop. Rob would then smackdown Keith's ideas triumphantly with a defiant laugh. Not really, but Rob did veto several of his ideas in the "Do you like #1 or #2 better?" test trials. Then I explained delicately to Keith that Rob hates all his ideas and probably hates Keith too. Super kidding, but I'm pretty sure that's what Keith heard judging by the faces he made.

After spellchecking everything seventy-thousand times, and getting Rob to check too I hit print and waited. I'd never ordered anything other than photos from Costco's photo center, but these turned out awesome. They were cheap, which was good because I had already spent way too much on stamps.

Rob gathered addresses and I assembled, my head growing bigger and bigger all the while. I made these. Beginning to end, I did this! With every invitation stacked, tied, stuffed, licked and stamped, I dropped the bundle into the mailbox at work. We have the big old school metal mailbox where you can hear the gratifying thump of your mail hitting the bottom and you open it again to make absolute sure they all made it in, YES!

I ran upstairs to hand out the invites for my work team. I grabbed Anthony and shoved the envelope into his hand, "You can open it now!" I was desperate to see someone's reaction to all my hard work. "It's so pretty I don't want to tear it... oh look, a tiny tree!", that's called a leaf, Anthony but I agree that it's freakin adorable. "Where is it?" "The address is on there," I say, watching him flip the card over and over, "Oh, where?" I go to point and there's nothing. the address is gone, there's just nothing. I barely held the tears back till I could meet Rob halfway between our desks. I originally made the invites too tall and when I fixed the height the address fell off the dark background, leaving white text on a white background.

I ended up sending these little cards so people would know where to go. Rob wanted to send a group text but after all the work on those invites it felt like such a waste. This was a pretty good solution (cute too). 

These invites were pretty simple to put together on photoshop. Here are a the details to you'd like to make your own, just don't forget the address! 


  • Printed online from Costco using the "Create Your Own" option - $17.25 for 25
    • I was very surprised with the quality of the invites. They were printed on nice thick cardstock and the envelopes were really nice and heavy duty also. They definitly looked more expensive than they were. Be careful to leave a little room around the edges of your design though cause mine were cutting it pretty close and I found they printed slightly closer to the edge than I expected, and one set was a little off center but nothing really noticeable.
  • The watercolor blueberry painting I found on Etsy, David with StudioTuesday was nice enough to sell me the digital file, just message him with what you'd like to use it for and he'll message back a price. 
  • The font for the headings was Pontiac Inline from - $15
  • The font for everything else was Sintony from Google Fonts - Free
    • I adjusted the space between the letters using the character editor options in Photoshop to fit better across the invites.

Everything Else: 

  • The stamps were the first thing I bought for the invites, way before I had any ideas of what they'd look like.  I picked a bunch of stamps on Etsy that meant things to us like "A Century of Friendship" between Canada and the US, a nod to Rob's half Canadianism. 
  • The photos of Rob and I were printed by Artifact Uprising - $21.99 for 15
  • I cut sheets of vellum scrapbook paper to fit the photos.
  • The dried leaves came from the first Valentines Day flowers Rob gave me. It was really just the filler leaves that come with roses but they were so cute.
  • I tied up everything with gray hemp cord I had in my craft box.
  • The "Marriage is what brings us together today" ribbons I whipped up in photoshop and printed onto full sheet sticker paper, then used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out. I was being lazy but they would be really easy to cut out with scissors.
    • Congrats to those of you who caught the Princess Bride reference. Read about how we snuck it into our vows here.