Grand Cayman, Part 2

This morning on my way to work it was sleeting. It's been nice to take a break and work on this post. I even almost convinced myself that I can go lay out on the beach when I'm finished. I miss the long lazy days of vacation. Grand Cayman was my first two week trip anywhere and I had a fantastic time. Looking back, here's a list of my most favorite times on the island. 


I miss playing in the sand like a kid. When I was little I never worried about getting dirty, I just went for it, whatever "it" was. Now I think about how long it'll take to wash my hair and getting sand in my swimsuit. By the end of vacation I'd started to let go and play. Rob and I attempted lots of gymnastics and yoga on the beach. Rob kicks my butt at headstands every time. They're one of the things I just know I can do in my head, but the reality just isn't quite the same... yet. My backbends win though, plus he can't even touch his toes so negative points there!

really fresh Food

We bought a couple coconuts at the farmer's market. Rob drank the coconut water and scooped all the goo from the inside. I mostly played with mine.

I talked in the last post about Macabuca being my favorite restaurant from the trip. I miss eating ceviche and listening to the waves crash on the rocks.

Another restaurant, the Warf, was right next door to our condo, so we walked over to listen to the Barefoot Man play. We sipped mudslides and watched the cute, tipsy, couples dance.

At nine a waiter started tossing strips of raw fish into the ocean filled with HUGE tarpons. I have never seen fish that big in real life! The bigger ones were easily five feet long. The waiter dangled the strips a couple feet over the water and the tarpons jumped up chomping it out of his hands.

When he asked who wanted to try I was the only volunteer. I remember seeing the huge open mouth jumping at me and thinking I had made a mistake, I'd have to tell all my friends I lost my hand feeding man sized, lightning quick fish... great idea.

I dealt out half the bucket of fish strips without incident when a man said he wanted to try. He spent the next ten minutes shakily holding the strips too far from the water with a bunch of old ladies yelling "you have to get CLOSER!". One of the ladies leaned over and told me in her British accent "he has none of your bravery". I will forever be the tarpon feeding champion. 


The last day of vacation we took a three stop snorkel trip. Rob's been going on Captain Marvin's tours since he was a little kid. Captain Marvin was one of the guys who found Stingray City, he piloted the boats till he was in his late eighties and lived to be ninety-eight. It seems like he had a pretty interesting life and I wish I could've met him, but his family runs the business now.

The boat stopped at two snorkel spots and Stingray City. It always amazes me how wild animals can be so docile (insert Steve Irwin reference here). They're a lot like Moose -- will snuggle for food. 

I miss sitting in the rocking chairs by the water eating gelato and listening to the birds talk to each other.  

grand cayman travelogue

As we sat on the rocks by Macabuca, birds wondered around looking for whatever they eat (we never figured it out) and Rob held out his hand like he had food. The birds inched closer and closer until we were surrounded by a little bird army.  


Half way through vacation a storm hit; nothing too terrible, just a long day of heavy rain and wind. The waves grew bigger and bigger until there was no one in the water. It was strange to see the normally calm water crash over the rock cove on our beach.  

As soon as the sun came out Rob and I were in the waves body surfing. The ocean was so rough, they would almost knock us down. For days the waves washed way up where chairs and umbrellas had been.  


We started getting a little more adventurous by the second week, walking farther and exploring more. We slept in later, set out walking with the camera and meandered home as the sun set. 

Sunsets Together

Watching the cruise ships leave from a dock surrounded by rocks and waves.

Watching the cruise ships leave from a dock surrounded by rocks and waves.

The sun setting on an empty oceanfront lot. 

The sun setting on an empty oceanfront lot. 

The sunsets were so beautiful.

I miss you vacation.