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Why Two & a Moose

I believe I should always be improving, or at least trying to. Learning and growing sometimes happens so quietly over time that I hardly notice. Sometimes change is a loud, messy struggle and I don't know if I'll make it through.

Photography is a bit of both for me. Every time I pick up my camera I want get better. That's why I started Two & a Moose. My photos don't bring me joy sitting on my hard drive. When I share them here they mean so much more, both to me and my friends and family.

The name Two & a Moose is simple. Together, my husband Rob and I make two along with our sock-stealing-pup, Moose.

more about Kori

I have a B.B.A. in Actuarial Science but work in design and corporate communications for IT. I love that I get to use Photoshop at work every day!

Warm vanilla chai lattes are the way to my heart. Rob makes me one every morning since he found out how much I was spending at Starbucks. Rob's are much better than Starbucks.

I married Rob less than a year after meeting him and ever since we've had fun flying all over together. We've been to Canada three times, Kentucky twice, New Zealand, Grand Cayman, and Japan. Europe and a second, much longer trip to Japan are still on our wish list.